Our UniFi Program

We are confident that UniFi will be a valuable addition to your employee benefits package. Let us help your team unlock the rewards of homeownership!

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At SimpliFi Home Loans, we understand the value of a happy and engaged workforce. Your employees are your greatest asset, and we believe in empowering them to achieve their personal financial goals. That's why we're excited to introduce you to our UniFi Program, a free benefit designed to educate and support your employees on their journey to homeownership. 

UniFi provides your team with: 

  1. Monthly educational webinars: Led by our experienced mortgage professionals, these sessions cover crucial topics like understanding credit scores, navigating the home buying process, and refinancing strategies. 

  2. Personalized guidance: Employees can confidentially connect with our team for individual questions and assistance specific to their situation. 

  3. Closing cost savings: If an employee chooses SimpliFi for their mortgage needs, we offer a $1,000 closing cost reimbursement, reducing their financial burden. 

Investing in your employees' financial well-being has proven benefits for your company beyond simply offering an attractive perk. Studies show a strong correlation between employee homeownership and reduced turnover: 

  1. SHRM: Homeowners are 39% less likely to leave their jobs compared to renters. 

  2. Freddie Mac: Studies indicate a 13% reduction in turnover for companies with high homeownership rates among employees. 

  3. National Bureau of Economic Research: Owning a home leads to increased job satisfaction and engagement,  positively impacting productivity and reducing absenteeism. 

By offering UniFi, you demonstrate your commitment to your employees' long-term well-being. This can contribute to: 

  1. Increased employee engagement and satisfaction 

  2. Reduced turnover and recruitment costs 

  3. Attracting and retaining top talent 

  4. Building a more stable and loyal workforce 

We invite you to learn more about our UniFi Program and how it can benefit both your employees and your company Schedule a consultation today!